A complete manufacturer of details,
thermoplastic profiles and products

Plastex specializes in the manufacture of parts and profiles in plastic. With nearly a half century of experience in the industry, we have developed a unique ability to translate ideas into smart and cost-effective production solutions. This has resulted in us becoming one of Sweden’s leading companies in the industry.

"Good solution, price and service"

"We’ve recently begun collaboration with Plastex and chose them for several reasons. We had a finished drawing that we brought to Plastex. They gave a highly professional impression, and when we met to talk over the details, they showed that they could provide an attractive solution at a good price and with good service. We are one of Europe's leading producers of insulation and construction systems for the construction industry as well as other industries. We need large volumes and regular deliveries. We think everything works really well."

Eivind Olsen
Head of Development, Jackon, Norway

"Great value both in service and quality"

"Plastex is responsive to our wishes and does an excellent job in providing us with the best solutions. They have shown that they can deliver what we need, and indirectly our customers. They can, for example, take an idea we have – or come up with an idea themselves – and turn it into a product for us. Among other things, they have tailored a packaging solution especially designed for our shop shelves. They have also created logistics solutions with frequent deliveries, planned by the year. As far as I know, there’s never been a problem. Plastex has been an excellent partner."

Torbjörn Johnsson
Product manager at Clas Ohlson

"We chose Plastex for their
delivery reliability, price and quality"

Plastex manufactures our yellow cover strips that are placed on top of the ISODRÄN board, which combines drainage and thermal insulation with capillary-breaking function in a single, ingeniously simple product - flexible and cost-effective. Isodrän and Plastex's collaboration is characterized by a strong relationship with high competence and Swedish-made quality.

Svante Andersson
Sales Manager, ISODRÄN

"Plastex stability, agility and
delivery security made the choice easy for us."

We have worked with Plastex for 20 years, a collaboration that is characterized by close relationships and high competence and quality. Today, Plastex delivers plastic moldings for the railing on our boats and canoes as well as keel moldings that will cover joints and screws from the inside of the boat. If lists are to be produced for a new boat or canoe model, the designer presents a drawing for Plastex, which then comes up with a product proposal and a price. It is very safe and easy for us.

Cecilia Linder
Linder Aluminum boats

"Consistent quality thinking and
longevity decided.

Plastex manufactures the railing strips that we then mount on our boat models. Sandström is a family company that for several generations has built quality boats and thereby created a developed quality thinking in large and small. A thinking that starts already in the design stage. Our success is largely based on consistent quality thinking. Exactly the cornerstones that Plastex also stands for and that is precisely why we at Sandstöm Innovation have chosen Plastex as our supplier.

Niklas Sandström
Sandström Innovation



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