AAA Highest Credit Rating, Bisnode
From local supplier to leading manufacturer in Sweden

One of Sweden's leading
plastic manufacturers in Skellefteå

Plastex started in 1970 in Skellefteå with extrusion of profiles and plastic parts in thermoplastics for the local industry. Today, half a century later, the company has developed into one of Sweden’s leading manufacturers in injection molding of plastic parts and extrusion of plastic profiles, with both national and international customers.

Specialized in injection molding and extrusion

Operations are conducted in two factories in Skellefteå – one fully specialized in extrusion and one in injection moulding. Each factory has a large number of units to offer short set-up times, cost-effective production and high capacity.

Long experience in manufacturing and product development of plastic parts and profiles has also shaped the people. There is a high level of competence among the staff and a great knowledge of different materials and know-how from different industries.

Both factories in Skellefteå conduct continuous research and development of new plastic materials, methods and technologies. All to achieve improved functionality, higher quality, longer life and, not least, a lower environmental footprint. All to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in injection molding and extrusion.

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AAA Highest Credit Rating, Bisnode
Renewable electricity Skellefteå Kraft
ISO 9001:2015
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