Advantages of plastic

The development of materials and production means that plastic is increasingly challenging conventional solutions.
Where aluminium was a given before, today most plastic solutions can reduce both weight and cost without compromising on strength, finish or overall quality.

Where rubber strips have long been the only alternative, today there are numerous new plastic alternatives that match the traditional rubber characteristics and combine them with the qualities and potential of plastic.

New plastic materials and smart combinations with fibres, glass, metal and wood offer an abundance of smart alternatives. And with new, eyebrow-raising advantages too. Not to mention the opportunities that open up through co-extruded profiles with multiple characteristics in a single solution. Consider products which are both hard AND soft, or why not sealing AND fastening! Quite simply, one and the same strip can replace a number of other subcomponents, allowing you to shorten the production chain, facilitate installation and save both time and money.

An exciting development which makes it difficult to say with absolute certainty which plastic profiles belong to which industries. The lines between categories and business areas are starting to become increasingly blurred. Nowadays, it is more a matter of comparing with the best option and the best options, regardless of industry, and of being able to turn impossibilities into possibilities and propose simple solutions to complex customer requirements which can then be manufactured cost-effectively and in large series offering the correct quality.

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