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An increasingly brighter existence at Plastex

A brighter future at Plastex
Autumn has literally been bright at Plastex. The factory in Skellefteå has just completed a successful lighting project, replacing the old lamps with modern, smart LED fixtures.

With the new lighting solution, an enormous amount of energy is now saved, approx. 70% compared to the old one. An energy saving achieved through modern LED luminaires in combination with smart lighting control. In the past, for example, warehouses were lit for long periods of the day even though no one was there. Today, these spaces are completely sensor-controlled with optimal energy consumption.

The investment in LED luminaires not only means a large energy saving, it also improves the work environment itself through increased work safety and work quality. The lighting has an important role in production because a large part of the quality control is done through visual observation. In addition, the risk of fire is also reduced as flashing fluorescent lights are one of the most common causes of fires.

The investment in modern, smart LED fixtures has already turned out to be a bright idea!

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