A half century of customer trust

We like our customers and our customers like us. We have manufactured parts and profiles for all kinds of industries for almost 50 years and have gained the trust of many. We hope that we can also help you and your company. Please feel free to get in touch and we’ll tell you more!

Delivery reliability the decisive factor

"Plastex' stability, flexibility and
delivery reliability made the choice easy for us."

"We have worked with Plastex for 20 years, collaboration that has been characterized by close relationships with high expertise and quality. Plastex supplies the plastic mouldings for the gunwales on our boats and canoes, as well as keel mouldings that cover the joints and bolts from the inside of the boat. If mouldings need to be developed for a new boat or canoe model, the designer provides a drawing to Plastex, which then comes up with a product proposal and price. It feels very safe and easy for us."

Cecilia Linder
CEO Linder Aluminumbåtar AB

LKAB Kimit

Ratchet springs get the explosive in place

LKAB Kimit is a Swedish supplier of explosives for the mining industry and one of Sweden's largest individual explosives manufacturers. They turned to us because they needed to develop ratchet springs in a number of different dimensions.

To extract ore from rock, you use so-called disc fracturing, which means that you create cavities in the ore body by drilling and blasting. A charge with explosives is placed in each borehole and to prevent the charge from slipping out, a locking spring needs to be placed in the borehole mouth. Since the dimensions of the boreholes can vary, ratchet springs corresponding to the borehole dimensions were needed.

The assignment was a collaboration with our sister company Plastex where they extrude the explosive pipes themselves and we injection mold the locking springs in a solid plastic with real wings to create proper friction against the borehole wall.

YouZee's smart idea got to see the light of day

YouZee's clever idea saw the light of day

YouZee is a local company that manufactures clip-in glasses for goggles for those who have an active lifestyle and wear glasses, but don't want or cannot use contact lenses. Simply put, the perfect solution for anyone who needs glasses for skiing and snowboarding, driving a snowmobile, enduro, motocross, downhill mountain biking or paintball. 

Innovative cable ducts at Clas Ohlson

Plastex eFlex cable channels

Contributing to reduced climate impact through increased circularity and resource efficiency is something close to our heart. Through committed environmental and sustainability management, we strive to be a part of the solution and not a part of the problem.

Read more about our smart cable channels

Strong relationships with high competence

"We chose Plastex for their
delivery reliability, price and quality"

"Plastex manufactures our yellow cover strips that are placed on top of the ISODRÄN board that combines drainage and thermal insulation with capillary-breaking function in a single, ingeniously simple product - flexible and cost-effective. Isodrän and Plastex's collaboration is characterized by a strong relationship with high competence and Swedish-made quality."

Svante Andersson
Sales manager, ISODRÄN

New Boliden

Combination of extrusion
and injection molding yielded gold

Boliden is one of Europe's largest suppliers of metals with a turnover of approximately SEK 50 billion. The main metals are zinc and copper. Other metals that Boliden produces include lead, gold and silver.

They gave us a real challenge when they wanted to find a more cost-effective and durable edging for their 43,000 sheets that are used for electrolytic precipitation of copper. High demands on long life, flexibility and a very good fit. The strips used were not straight enough and therefore did not hold tightly, which made the process more difficult.

First, a straight and dimensionally stable profile was extruded, which was then post-processed by milling an exact groove in the profile. This is to achieve an optimal fit to the copper plate. In addition, inserts and a top stick were injection molded to ensure that the edging really remains during the enrichment process itself.

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