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Peder Hansson

Plastex is recruiting a new production manager

– The goal is for us to produce as good products as possible, where I will have an umbrella responsibility,” says Peder.
Skellefteå is growing strongly. Peder is prepared to face the challenges that come with growth, such as retaining and also attracting more staff as the business also grows.

– I have worked in several industries, but it is in industry that I enjoy the most. I immediately got a good feeling about Plastex, and that it is a company with short decision-making processes and close to both colleagues and management. It creates good conditions for development and a good working environment,” continues Peder.

David Burén, CEO at Plastex, thinks it is exciting to have Peder in place as production manager.

– Peder can further develop the conditions we have created so far. We hope he looks at the business with new eyes and can take production to new levels,” says a satisfied Burén. Peder took up his new position on the first of March.

A brighter future at Plastex

An increasingly brighter existence at Plastex

With the new lighting solution, an enormous amount of energy is now saved, approx. 70% compared to the old one. An energy saving achieved through modern LED luminaires in combination with smart lighting control. In the past, for example, warehouses were lit for long periods of the day even though no one was there. Today, these spaces are completely sensor-controlled with optimal energy consumption.

The investment in LED luminaires not only means a large energy saving, it also improves the work environment itself through increased work safety and work quality. The lighting has an important role in production because a large part of the quality control is done through visual observation. In addition, the risk of fire is also reduced as flashing fluorescent lights are one of the most common causes of fires.

The investment in modern, smart LED fixtures has already turned out to be a bright idea!

Plastex Skellefteå rekryterar ny order/produktionsplanerare

Plastex Skellefteå is recruiting a new order / production planner

Expectations for Janne Burström are high. Plastex has undergone strong development in recent years, which means that increasingly higher demands are placed on efficient and problem-free production. Plastex’s offer has also been broadened to include both extruded and injection molded products.

– Finding the right order/production planner is important to us. Janne’s personality, long experience and broad competence make him very suitable to shoulder the important role at Plastex Skellefteå. We are very satisfied with the recruitment, says CEO David Burén.

Plastex also has a very good reputation as a manufacturer, as for many years it has been at the top in Sweden in terms of delivery reliability, something that does not scare Janne Burström, who most recently came from a similar role at Nordic Light.

– It feels great fun to have a key role in the business. Plastex has a good reputation and recognized skilled. I am really looking forward to working closely with all levels of the business and taking overall responsibility for orders and production planning. However, it is my first day today, so the next point is to take and organize my first coffee break, Janne concludes with a laugh.

Janne Burström started his new role on 1 October 2021

Meet Plastex at Elmia Subcontractor!

Meet Plastex at Elmia Subcontractor!

If you are going to visit Elmia Subcontractor, come by our stand and get in touch with one of our specialists in injection molding and extrusion. We have extensive knowledge of different material choices and know-how from various industries.

See you!

News background 2

Plastex and Plastteknik merge under a common brand

The decision is a result of a successful collaboration where they jointly offered the Swedish and Nordic markets manufacturing services of both extruded and injection molded products from one and the same supplier.

– This is the result of a close and fruitful collaboration. When the market’s response became so strong, the merger became the next logical step. Together, with our dual specialized factories, we will now be able to create one of the Nordic countries’ broadest and most competitive offers, says David Burén.

Andreas Wiklund continues: – Many customers have understood the advantages of working with a supplier. Being able to order both extruded, injection molded and processed products from one and the same place saves time and money. In addition, there will be less time wasted than if you use several suppliers, as they have different planning and set-up times. You also avoid a lot of unnecessary transport, concludes Andreas Wiklund, who assumes the role of Site Manager at Plastex Injection Molding Factory.

Looking back at the past year, it can be stated that it was a very successful year. A number of new, well-known brands such as Clas Ohlson, Jackon, LKAB and the Norwegian electrical chain Elköp, as well as an international medical technology group that turned to Plastex for manufacturing services.

In connection with the merger, a completely new website will also be launched to make the new overall offer visible.

News background 3

Information on how the Coronavirus affects Plastex’s operations

We have taken precautions to protect our customers and employees in the best possible way and for the time being will only accept visitors in exceptional cases and will not make any trips on the job, unless absolutely necessary.

We will keep abreast of the situation on an ongoing basis and hope that together we can contribute to reducing the risk of spread. How it develops is of course impossible to judge, but at the time of writing we have no disruptions with either raw materials or staff absences. Should this change, we will of course inform and take measures to alleviate the disturbances as far as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions or concerns about this.

News background 2

Plastex chooses origin-marked electricity from Skellefteå Kraft

We at Plastex work continuously to streamline our manufacturing, recycle materials and minimize the impact of hazardous chemicals. All in our pursuit of economic, ecological and social sustainability work.

This is why we also choose to only buy origin-marked electricity from Skellefteå Kraft. In this way, we only consume electricity from renewable energy sources and contribute to a sustainable future.

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