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Our code of conduct


This code of conduct summarises the common rules and values that everyone at Plastex shall work towards to create trust and good relationships with coworkers, customers, business partners and the community. Plastex strives for the highest level of ethical conduct and these rules shall serve as a guide in all situations that concern our work and our organisation. We expect everyone, regardless of position, to conduct themselves and represent the company in the best possible manner in terms of professionalism and trust in relation to those around us, and to comply with the high ethical standards in executing their duties.

It is also important that our employees are happy and that we have a good working environment. All interaction between employees, whether it is leaders or co-workers, shall also be characterised by respect, responsibility and consideration towards each other, which is the basis for Plastex’ success.



Working environment

Plastex strives to create a supportive working environment where good team spirit, faith in the future and openness are important core values. The company follows health and safety regulations and laws, and all employees are expected to take responsibility for ensuring that workplaces are safe for themselves and their co-workers.

We firmly believe that all employees need a healthy balance between time at work and time away.

All employee skills are important assets and the company wants to give everyone the opportunity for individual development.

Equality, diversity and discrimination

Plastex values diversity and equal treatment of all, both for our employees and for our business partners. We do not accept discrimination or harassment based on gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Furthermore, no one may be harassed because of political opinions.

Trade unions

Plastex respects the right of employees to form and join the trade unions of their choice and to negotiate collectively.

It is not the company’s general intention to monitor e-mail, internet access, etc., but if the circumstances so dictate, for example in the event of suspicion of a criminal offence, this may be performed by authorised personnel

Ethics and morals

Plastex’ ambition is to constantly exceed the demands that customers and other stakeholders place on the quality of our services/products. We keep our promises in customer relations but also in internal work.

We conduct our operations with high integrity and morals and follow our high ethical rules. We also take responsibility for our actions.

Salaries/wages and benefits

We ensure that salaries/wages and benefits are at least at legislated levels and/or minimum industry standards. We also reward employees with individual salary/wage increases through performance without discrimination.

Alcohol and drugs

No employee may be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while at work. Zero tolerance applies. The use of alcohol and other drugs can be a problem for the individual employee as well as for co-workers and the company. Employees who have substance abuse problems shall be supported and thus create the opportunity to do their work.

Employees shall not be involved in any transactions relating to the handling, sale or purchase of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs may not be brought onto the premises of the company or group.

Recusation and conflict of interest

Any employee who comes into contact with a spouse, family member or other relative or close friend in connection with business activities with a supplier, customer or third party with whom the company does business must immediately notify his/her superior so that appropriate measures can be taken to reallocate work to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

Not towork for a supplier, customer, or competitor while working for Plastex or performing any work for any third party that could affect your performance – or negatively influence judgement on the job. Do not use the company’s time, resources or materials for outside work that is not related to your duties at Plastex.

Protect company property

All employees must take proper care of the equipment that we have in our working environment or that is assigned to them and that will be used in their work. In particular, employees must ensure that valuable electronic equipment, such as laptop computers, mobile phones and smartphones, is always safely stored.

It is not the company’s general intention to monitor e-mail, internet access, etc., but if the circumstances so dictate, for example in the event of suspicion of a criminal offence, this may be performed by authorised personnel.

Protect company information

Information about the company and our employees shall be treated as sensitive information and must be protected and not be disseminated to unauthorised persons or outside the company, except for information that is forwarded for specific business purposes.



Our business partners

We nurture and respect the trust of our customers and consumers in our company. We do this by providing information about our values and our organisation. In order to live up to and strengthen consumer and customer confidence in us, we shall maintain an open approach in dialogue with them. We respond to requests from third parties and communicate quickly, accurately and efficiently.



Our business partners

We strive to ensure that our suppliers and other business partners are willing to meet the requirements set out in our code of conduct. We choose our business partners in a professional, systematic and fair manner. Our negotiations with business partners are conducted in an honest and fair manner.

Bribes and gifts

We never accept, directly or indirectly, bribes or other improper benefits or compensation, for the benefit of the organisation and/or for financial gain.
Employees may receive and offer gifts, services and entertainment from and to customers and suppliers provided that these are of little value and consistent with applicable practices.

Furthermore, we never offer or give any gift or payment that constitutes or may be construed as a bribe.

Human rights and environmental issues

Plastex shall inform its suppliers of its values and business principles. We shall not have business relationships with suppliers that violate applicable legislation, do not uphold fundamental human rights or disregard environmental issues.

Suppliers must therefore be aware of and comply with requirements per national legislation, regulations and industry standards. This includes having knowledge and control over their environmental impact, and continuously working with improving environmental measures in their operations. We strive to constantly utilise the environmentally leading technology that is economically justifiable with every investment.



Laws, directives and regulations

All employees and business partners must comply with applicable laws, standards and directives in the branch areas and countries in which we operate.

This applies to our own production, how we treat our employees and how we handle our accounting, financial reporting and taxes.

Environmental impact

Plastex provides open and factual information about our environmental work to employees and other stakeholders. We actively work to continuously reduce the company’s direct and indirect environmental impact. Suppliers are expected to operate in line with our environmental policy.

Societal engagement and contributions

Plastex strives for operations that contribute to a positive and sustainable society. The company makes no contributions to political parties or makes any donations.

Child labour

Plastex does not accept forced labour or child labour and supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). We shall ensure that the products we sell do not come from companies that use child labour.

Human rights

Plastex supports and respects the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights and accepts our responsibility to uphold the rights of employees and society in our operations.

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