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With over 40 years of experience and extensive know-how, we help you with the design, development, construction and manufacture of plastic enclosures. We can manufacture the enclosure to standard solution or modify the appliance box to your specific needs through interchangeable mold inserts such as CNC milling, machining and assembly services.

Enclosures for demanding environments

In demanding environments, where the electronic equipment can be exposed to, for example, moisture or water, it is very important to have a good enclosure to minimize the risks of electric shock, fire or explosion. We help you with everything related to enclosure classes, IP designations or installation and production standards for electrical safety and explosion protection.

Our production process is efficient, modern and automated with a short material flow, which gives us high delivery reliability and customer satisfaction. (ISO9001 certified) .

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Questions and answers

Enclosures is a collective term to describe different types of enclosure and protection. An appliance box, such as a remote control, circuit board holder / circuit holder or cover, which are designed to enclose and protect, for example, electronic equipment against, for example, moisture, gas or steam.

In demanding environments where dust, corrosive substances, moisture and water can penetrate electrical or electronic equipment, it is very important to have a good enclosure to reduce the risks of electronic breakdown, electric shock or fire. Minimum requirements are today found in installation and product standards for electrical safety and explosion protection.


The abbreviation IP stands for Ingress Protection and stands for an international way of coding different enclosure classes. The designation indicates the protection an enclosure provides against access to dangerous parts inside the enclosure, and protection for material inside an enclosure against the ingress of solid objects or water. Dust particles are counted as solid objects. A common classification is IP65, which means that the equipment is dustproof and protected against weaker water jets from all directions.


UL 94 is the standard for plastic material flammability safety for electrical equipment parts and accessories. A fire rating test performed by American Underwriters’ Laboratories that tests the combustion characteristics and fire safety of plastic materials in appliances.

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