Environmental and quality policy

Plastex quality policy

Plastex manufactures and markets different types of customized and proprietary products, and our vision is to be perceived as the best and most sustainable manufacturer of plastic products

All employees shall contribute to this by putting the customer first, through commitment, participation and high service mindedness. This is a personal responsibility and a way of thinking based on Plastex’ corporate culture and values.

In order to be the best and most sustainable manufacturer of plastic products, we shall work with:

  • Clear goals for what the company is to perform
  • High expertise, responsible and committed employees who work with continuous improvements and training.
  • A quality management system based on solid experience in quality assurance, both for manufacturing processes and our end-products.
  • Day-to-day operations characterized by the desire to constantly develop and meet the demands and expectations of both our customers and our internal requirements.
  • Values: Quality, Innovation, Delivery

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David Buren
CEO, Plastex

Plastex Environmental Policy

Plastex strives to develop, produce and market various types of sustainable plastic products, to reduce the company’s environmental impact and to use energy and resources in the most efficient way possible.

Our environmental management is applied by the company and employees using a process-oriented business system. The purpose of this approach is to continuously reduce and monitor the company’s environmental impact.

Plastex environmental goals are:

  • Strive to develop products with a larger portion of recycled raw materials or together with various other renewable processes.
  • Strive to reduce climate impact, reduce energy and water consumption in our processes/production.
  • Strive to reduce the use of chemical substances regulated by legislation and associated directives, and to try to increase the use of materials with little or less environmental impact in the manufacturing process.
  • Always strive to reduce waste and waste quantities, and contribute to recycling and resource efficiency.
  • Strive to always choose the best and most efficient/smart transport solution to reduce CO2 emissions from our products during transport to customers.

Skellefteå 20190101

Mikael Burlin
Environmental Manager, Plastex

RoHS – Certificate of conformity


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