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Exciting changes

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Change is the only constant. This also applies to us at Plastex. During the first quarter of 2019, we implemented many exciting changes regarding ownership in our companies. We have formed a new group under Plastex Holding, which now includes both our special companies, Plastex (extrusion) and Plastteknik (injection molding). In this way, we have gathered the entire constellation of owners and all the expertise in a common, locally owned company. It will make our companies even stronger and better equipped for the future.

Partners in Plastex Holding will be Plastex CEO, David Burén, CEO of Plastteknik, Andreas Wiklund, purchasing and R&D manager, Michael Johansson, sales/marketing manager, Mikael Burlin and Erik Fahlgren.

In connection with this change, Plastex’s experienced product developer and salesperson, Erik Fahlgren, will change his market-oriented role to instead focus on our board work where he continues to be an important part of Plastex and Plastteknik’s strategic work. Instead, I take over as the new salesperson and marketing manager for Plastex.

Quality – Innovation – Reliability

These three promises have long characterized our work, which is something we are proud of. However, we have a job ahead of us to clarify them for our customers and by clearly living up to them differentiate ourselves from our industry colleagues. It is a work that we have now started and will return to later.

New websites

We have also taken the opportunity to update our websites, and At it is now possible to download our brochure for cable ducts and cutting profiles.

Now you can also read about the properties of different materials and what types of design and product solutions you can create in plastic products (hinges, screw pockets, sliding and spring functions, etc.). has a completely new look and contains interesting reading about injection molded parts and customer cases which will hopefully be inspiring to read about.

Everything from one place

For those who need composite products, we can now offer all our customers a complete solution. Simply a One Stop Shop with extrusion, injection molding, finishing and assembly. Everything from one place! If this letter has sparked any thoughts or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am absolutely sure that we can contribute knowledge and commitment to your project.

Hope we can meet you soon. We look forward to working with you more.

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