Extrusion of plastic profiles

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With half a century of experience in extrusion of plastic profiles for several industries as well as major production capacity, we are a skilled and reliable partner to meet your mass production needs.

Our operational capacity is also due to the skills and know-how of our staff. With almost non-existent staff turnover, expertise and experience have been maintained over the years, resulting in a nearly unique ability to transform ideas into cost-effective and high-quality production. 

Continuous technology and capacity development

Continuous technology and capacity development has resulted in setup times that are among the industry’s best. The fact that production is highly efficient obviously makes the process attractive for larger production runs, but it is also very efficient for somewhat smaller volumes.

Co-extrusion with multiple materials

We also offer co-extrusion, using multiple materials in the same product. We work in a number of thermoplastics such as ABS, PVC, TPE and PP and can produce profiles in widths up to 400 mm and pipes up to Ø100 mm.

Standard profiles

Clips profiles

Clips Profiles are steel reinforced edge protection profiles that are used primarily to protect the raw edges after casting …

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U profiles

U-profiles are the most common profile type and are used in most industries for many different applications …

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L- and H-profiles

Edge protection is a common function for L-profiles. But L-profiles can also be used for protection and / or reinforcement of inner or outer corners.

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