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Injection molding

Do you want to know more about injection molding?

Injection molding of plastic parts

As a complete manufacturer of injection molded plastic parts, we can offer cost-effective manufacturing in a number of different areas with very high capacity. We offer solutions from idea to finished product and can always make adjustments according to your specific needs!

Small or large production runs, fast and cost-effective

Our injection molding process is characterized by high flexibility, which means that we can offer shorter setup times than the majority of players on the market and can thus produce plastic parts with fast delivery times in small or large series. Advantages that can mean differences for your profitability and competitiveness. Our injection molded plastic parts are produced in thermoplastic, because it is a material that can be recycled almost infinitely many times.

Our machine park can offer clamping force between 25 – 420 tons where we can produce high-quality parts from 1 gram right up to 2 kilos in all kinds of thermoplastics.

Machinery that can handle the heaviest jobs

There are several factors why injection molding is known as the most common and efficient method of producing plastic parts. The injection molding process is considerably faster than other methods and the high production rate makes injection molding a very cost-effective method. Distinctive for the technology is also a high utilization of materials, which makes the process both resource efficient and more sustainable.

Injection molded plastic parts can have a very complex design and yet they can be mass produced with extreme precision in millions of identical copies. With the right design, the plastic products can be produced consistently and with high quality!

The injection molding method is very flexible when it comes to the choice of material and color. The choice of plastic material is determined by function and appearance. We have a high level of knowledge about which plastic material is most suitable and guide you on what is best for your project!

Questions and answers

Injection molding is the most common manufacturing method for molding plastic parts.

Granules of thermoplastic are heated and the plastic mass that forms is pressed into a molding tool. The mold is cooled and after the plastic solidifies, the mold halves are separated and the plastic part is removed using ejectors / ejector pins.

In injection molding, a molding tool is used. It is the molding tool that makes up the appearance and properties of the product. In the molding tool, the melted plastic is pushed in to then solidify and get the design that the mold has.

Plastics can be divided into two main groups, thermosets and thermoplastics. Thermoplastics can be melted down and can be recycled almost infinitely many times. Thermoplastics, on the other hand, cannot be melted down without its chemical structure being destroyed and thus cannot be recycled. Injection molding is the most important method for manufacturing products consisting of thermoplastics.

In injection molding, the plastic is pushed into a molding tool one shot at a time, unlike extrusion , which is a continuous process. Extruded objects always have the same cross-sectional area along their entire length.

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