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Materials and product development

ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

In general, it can be said that ABS has good impact strength, hardness and relatively good chemical resistance. However, it is not outdoor-resistant. ABS has a softening point of between 85ºC and 110ºC depending on quality. ABS can be reinforced with fiberglass and then gets an increase in stiffness (E-module) by 2-3 times. ABS can be electroplated (chromed).


  • Good combination of mechanical and chemical properties at a relatively low price
  • High impact strength, surface hardness and surface finish
  • Low form shrinkage
  • Good low temperature properties
  • Available in varying qualities
  • When reinforced with fiberglass, an increase in stiffness is obtained by 2-3 times
  • When expanding, cellular structure is obtained
  • Can be electroplated and chrome plated
  • Easy to glue and weld


  • Limited weather resistance (yellowing, aging and becoming brittle)
  • Low resistance to some solvents
  • Sensitive to oxidizing substances



Coloring possibilities


Common areas of use

Telephone covers, vacuum cleaner covers, kitchen appliances, dashboards, toys, furniture, car grills, office machines, vehicle bodies, industrial parts, etc.

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