Materials and product development

ABS, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene

In general, ABS has good impact strength, hardness and relatively good chemical durability. However, it is not durable outdoors. ABS has a softening point at between 85ºC and 110ºC depending on quality. ABS can be reinforced with fibre glass, giving it 2-3 times more rigidity (E module). ABS can be electroplated (chromed).


  • Good combination of mechanical and chemical characteristics at a relatively low price
  • High impact strength, surface hardness and surface finish
  • Low formwork drying shrinkage
  • Good low-temperature characteristics
  • Available in various levels of quality
  • Reinforced with fibre glass, it is 2-3 times more rigid
  • Upon expansion, a cell structure is achieved
  • Can be electroplated and chromed
  • Easy to glue and weld


  • Limited weather durability (yellows, ages and becomes brittle)
  • Low resistance to certain solvents
  • Sensitive to oxidising agents



Colouring options


Common applications

Telephone hoods, vacuum hoods, kitchen appliances, instrument panels, toys, furniture, car grills, office machines, car bodies, industrial parts, etc

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