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Materials and product development

TPE, Thermoplastic elastomer

Thermoplastic elastomers are available in hardnesses from 35º Shore A to 80º Shore D. They can be used as a replacement for vulcanized rubber, as well as softened PVC. The greatest advantage of TPE materials compared to vulcanized rubber is that they can be shaped in an easy way, such as by extrusion and injection moulding. Moreover, waste can be recycled. There are a number of variants of TPE with various substances as “carriers”, and there are characteristic differences between these.


  • Broad hardness interval
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures
  • An environmentally friendly alternative in many cases
  • Waste can be recycled
  • Can replace softened PVC or rubber
  • High friction can be achieved at low shore values
  • Can be enamelled with the right pre-treatment


  • Relatively expensive material
  • Some qualities have limited chemical resistance
  • Risk for settlement after compression



Colouring options:

Almost unlimited

Common applications:

Shoe soles, toothbrushes, bumpers, spoilers, buckles, ice skates, toys, etc.

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