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Post-processing of plastic parts

To streamline and simplify our customers’ process of reaching the market, we offer different types of qualified post-processing.

Post-processing with CNC machine

For processing plastic parts, we have several CNC machines. The CNC machine is used to process the material by milling and drilling. CNC machining is done with high precision and speed.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a common and cost-effective joining technique that uses ultrasound to join two objects. This is done by pressing the objects together and applying concentrated ultrasonic vibrations to a small area to create a weld.


We carry out stamping of products – either stamping integrated in the extrusion or as post-processing. Factors affecting the feasibility of integrated die-cutting are cost, volume and technical possibilities. For large volumes, we aim for mainly integrated punching.
We use both pneumatics and hydraulics, where we have existing machines adapted for specific products.


We have the possibility to mark the extruded products with inkjet printing or with a label. Both these methods are relatively easy to integrate into the extrusion process and become a very cost-effective solution.


Bonding is an effective method of joining surfaces using liquid additives/polymers. Sometimes a pre-treatment of the material is needed e.g. Corona, Plasma, washing or grinding for example.
to achieve the best possible result. Getting a good result also requires a good knowledge of the material and the different challenges it will be exposed to such as environment, temperature and load.

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