Product development

Product development

The continuing development of materials means that plastics are increasingly challenging conventional solutions. As an example, where aluminium was previously a given, there are now several solutions in plastic that can reduce both weights and costs, without compromising either finish or overall quality. Where, for example, a rubber strip was the only option for many years, there are now a number of new plastic options.

New plastic materials and different combinations with fiberglass, metal and cord provide a plethora of smart options. Not to mention the possibilities opened by co-extruded profiles with multiple properties in a single solution, i.e. hard + soft, sealing + fixing, etc. A single part can now replace several other subcomponents, shorten the production chain and facilitate assembly.

Plastex’ extensive experience and know-how in product development has an obvious customer focus. Our main task is to develop products that meet and preferably exceed your needs and requirements. Products that give you clear competitive advantages and help you save time, money and avoid expensive mistakes. Depending on your needs, we can handle all or part of your product development process. Our expertise embraces all steps, such as pilot studies, requirements specification, material selection, construction
and design proposals. 

Prototypes, a more efficient way to a better decision-making basis

Prototypes, a more efficient path to a better basis for decisions

Quickly moving from idea to prototype, and on to finished product and market launch is becoming increasingly important. By creating prototypes, improvement opportunities for a concept can be identified before actual production starts. There is usually much to gain by first constructing a prototype. A prototype gives you a better basis for decision-making, reduces risks of errors, shortens lead times and decreases the final cost.

We offer extensive practical experience in various materials and technical solutions, comprehensive know-how from different industries and not least advanced technology for prototype manufacturing. In our extrusion factory, we have two lines dedicated to product development. We also have experience with almost 1,500 tools.

In connection with product development for the development of an injection moulded part, we prepare complete tool drawings in 3D and manufacture the tools ourselves in our own shop so that we gain full control over the entire manufacturingprocess.

Developing a prototype doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Using freeform technology, your idea can become a physical reality in just a few days, and you can also modify and further develop parts in several stages at a fraction of what traditional prototypes cost.

We also have extensive experience in purchasing and can buy tools directly from Asia if desired. Or if you already have a tool that might need to be refurbished or further developed, we can help you with that too.


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PA, polyamide

Polyamide plastics have good mechanical characteristics. They are tough with good fatigue and creep characteristics, have a low

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