We use extrusion to manufacture plastic profiles, pipes, hoses, etc. With this process, the extruder (machine) melts and processes plastics (thermoplastics) in through a shaping tool. The nozzle of this tool determines the shape and thickness of the material. Immediately after that, the product is calibrated to its final shape and cooled in water before being cut into programmed lengths. Extrusion involves forming plastic by forcing it through a die.

Production capacity to meet all needs

With more than 40 years of experience of supplying profiles to a number of industries with our expertise in the field, Plastex is a talented and reliable partner for when you need mass-produced plastic profiles. The fact that our production process is highly efficient makes it interesting for large and slightly smaller volumes alike. Of course, we also offer co-extrusion/double injection and work with a number of thermoplastics such as ABS, PVC, TPE and PP. We can produce profiles in widths up to 400 mm and pipes up to Ø100 mm.

Plastex has powerful machinery and a number of extruders dedicated solely to development and improvements. Our production facility covers no less than 3 000 sq m of workshop and storage space. Moreover, our capacity lies in the hands and minds of our experienced personnel, who have the ability to see solutions and turn ideas into cost effective, high-quality production followed up by outstanding supply reliability. Our constant development of technology and capacity has also resulted in setup times which are some of the best in the industry.

Secure handling, strong environmental responsibility

Besides our production facilities and heated warehouse, we have other generous spaces which allow all goods to be handled under cover. Our production-related environmental responsibility is also very tangible, with everything from minimisation of spills to phthalate-free plastic raw materials.

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