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Plastex gives you smart, cost-effective solutions no matter what you need: a completely unique profile, or adaptation of the length, colour or material of standard profiles.


A common request that we receive from our customers involves refining their parts and supplying fully finished products. We can integrate punching, drilling, milling, die stamping, marking, tape, etc. directly into the production process or in a finishing phase (e.g. with welding).

Injection moulding

A complement to your profile. Most of our customers have a product composed of extruded/injection moulded materials and are seeking a supplier. Through close cooperation with companies specialising in injection moulding with ultramodern machinery, we can offer this as a complement to extrusion. Safe, secure and cost-efficient.

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Profile types

Products 1

U profiles

U profiles are the most common type of profile and are used in most industries for a large number of different applications.

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Products 2

Land H profiles

L and H profiles are also common in most industries and come in a wide range of materials, weights and functions.

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Products 3

Multiple-material profiles

Few companies have as much experience of co-extrusion as Plastex. The technology of using multiple materials in the same profile solves many problems and provides interesting new design possibilities.

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Products 4

Sealing profiles

For doors, windows, hatches, etc. The most common material is TPE, which competes nowadays with EPDM and Silicone.

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Products 5

Window/door profiles

Profiles from Plastex are in many windows and doors. Foamed, homogeneous, co-extruded, nail and screw-fastening, with or without sealing, with or without double-sided tape, etc.

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Products 6

Rail and gunwale moulding

Available in standard as well as customised profiles. From basic U profile-like gunwale profiles to large, more complicated profiles.

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Products 7

Cable tray profiles

Concealing and protecting cables is both attractive and serves a purpose. Besides custom cable tray profiles, we also supply a standard range of channels in various dimensions and lengths, sold at minimum volumes.

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Products 8

Edge-protection profiles

The design of edge protection varies widely from robust protection for boats, piers and superstructures where the profile can weigh several kg/m to design edge protection for the furniture industry, for instance. Flexibility in the choice of materials and colours makes it easy to find a profile suitable for most applications.

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Products 9

Hoses, pipes, rod profiles

Plastex has extensive experience of 3-100 mm pipes and hoses for most applications, with material thicknesses of 0.4-15 mm.

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Products 10

Custom profiles, special applications

Customisation and specialisation are an important part of the Plastex business concept.

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Products 11

Clip profiles

Clip profiles are steel-reinforced edge protection profiles and are primarily used to protect raw edges after plastic moulding or cut edges in sheet metal. Clip profiles are one of Plastex’s most popular standard products and are kept in stock in lengths of 50 or 100 metres in several different models.

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Edge protectors
Clip profiles
Decorative profiles
Gunwale profiles
Cover profiles
Bumper profiles

Clothing standards
Shop interiors

White goods
Medical supplies

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