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Materials and product development

Products and materials

We can help you add product benefits such as better performance, longer life and a “versatility”, which can replace several sub-components, with the help of smart solutions and the right materials. All of our standard profiles can also be customized with e.g. other length, color or material choice to suit customer-specific requirements. Contact us and we will help you find the best material for your particular project.

A wide range of standard profiles

Over the years, Plastex has developed its own plastic products and today there is a wide range of plastic profiles for a number of different industries.
All of our profiles can also be customized with e.g. different length, color or material choice to suit customer-specific requirements.

U profiles

U-profiles are the most common profile type and are used in most industries for many different applications …

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Few companies have as much experience in co-extrusion as Plastex. The technology of multiple materials in the same profile solves many …

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Clips profiles

Clips Profiles are steel reinforced edge protection profiles that are used primarily to protect the raw edges after casting …

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Develop your plastic product with thermoplastics

Which thermoplastic is most suitable is determined, among other things, by the product’s function and appearance.
Read about the most common materials we use below.

PP, Polypropylene

Polypropylene, without additives is white to colourless, similar to polyethylene but more rigid. Good mechanical characteristics even at

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PA, polyamide

Polyamide plastics have good mechanical characteristics. They are tough with good fatigue and creep characteristics, have a low

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