Hoses, pipes, rod profiles

Plastex has broad experience of pipes and hoses in dimensions 3-100 mm for most uses in thicknesses between 0.4 – 15mm.

Edge-protection profiles

The design of edge protection varies greatly from strong protection for boats, piers and superstructures where the profile can weigh several kg / m to designer edge protection, for example, the furniture industry. The flexibility in the choice of materials and colors makes it easy to find a profile suitable for most applications.

Rail and gunwale moulding

Available in standard as well as customized profiles. From simple U-profile-like railings to large more complex profiles.

Sealing profiles

For doors, shutters etc. Common material is TPE, which now competes with EPDM and Silicone.

TPE has a temperature range from -50 to +125 degrees and is a better choice from an environmental standpoint in that it is fully recyclable. In addition, the sealing strips to get in varying hardnesses and colors. Even plasticised PVC is used for profile type.

U profiles

U-profiles are the most common profile type and are used in most industries for many different applications. Variation content is large in terms of materials, thickness, and functions. Easy to customize for fastening with screws, rivets, nails, tape or glue.

Clips profiles

Clips Profiles are steel reinforced edge protection profiles that are used primarily to protect the raw edges after casting or cutting edges of the plate. Clips Profiles is one of the largest Plastex standard products stocked in lengths of 50 or 100 meters in several different designs.

Custom profiles, special applications

Customization and specialization are an important part of Plastex’s business concept.

Customization and specialization is an important part of Plastex business.

Cable tray profiles

Swedish made and halogen free

To conceal and protect cables are both stylish and practical. Here we provide, in addition to unique customer cable holder profiles, a standard range of channels in different dimensions and lengths that are sold to minimum volumes.

Download PDF for cable tray profiles

Window / door profiles

In many windows and doors sits profiles from Plastex. Foamed homogeneous extruded Co., nail and screw only, with or without a seal, with or without double sided tape etc.

Light profiles with the correct stiffness of the material that retains its performance are common requirements in these tough applications with high UV levels and high temperatures.

Multiple-material profiles

Few companies have long experience of co-extrusion which Plastex.

The technique of several materials in the same profile solves many problems and provides interesting new design possibilities. Co-extruded profiles can contain and combine various characteristics such as pressure seals, lip seals, friction coatings, hinges, bellows, decors and shock absorbing functions in a single profile. Different materials families can be assembled in simple and complex forms, replacing multiple items with one, saving time in installation and improve performance. The imagination in this case is the major limiting factor. Optional lengths and custom sizes are a matter of course.

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