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L- and H-profiles

L- and H-profiles are also common in most industries, with a large variation content on material, weight and function.

Edge protection is a common function for L-profiles. But L-profiles can also be used for protection and / or reinforcement of inner or outer corners. The L-profile can be extruded in both soft and hard materials, depending on the area of ​​use. Alternatively, the part can be co-extruded, ie combined from different materials in the same L-profile. H-profiles are very common, among other things, as a stylish and functional joint between different materials. The H-profile is most often used when splicing different types of boards, for example in the construction industry. If the need is more of an aesthetic solution, we can manufacture very small and thin H-profiles, but if it is to carry some type of load / wind load, the profile needs more goods and a suitable material for the purpose.

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