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Successful when Plastex and Plastteknik participated in ELMIA Subcontractor 2019

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In mid-November, both Plastex and sister company Plastteknik participated in a joint stand at Northern Europe's leading subcontractor fair, ELMIA Subcontractor.

Now Elmia Subcontractor is over for this year and Mikael Burlin, marketing director at Plastex, summarizes the fair:

– Elmia Subcontractor has been very successful for us. We have received a record number of leads this year. It will be extensive work to follow them up, but we will of course do that.

Also at the fair was sister company Plastteknik’s CEO Andreas Wiklund, who is also satisfied with this year’s fair.

– It feels great that there has been so much interest in our joint offer. The response has really been great, says Andreas.
It was also something that many of the stand visitors noticed. Plastex and Plastteknik’s joint offer where string and injection molded parts can be ordered from one and the same supplier.

– Now the tedious work of following up on all our incoming leads remains. But first we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who visited the stand during the week, they say in unison.

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