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A supplier with many advantages makes a difference for your profitability and competitiveness.

Are you looking for a supplier with a track of smart materials and solutions that also have the power to deliver large volumes with the right price and quality?
Then we have the right profile. Let us tell you what makes Plastex a sharper choice.

Why Plastex 1

Complete plastic supplier

Developing and manufacturing customised plastic profiles is something that has made us and our customers successful. With shorter setup times, more precise and safer deliveries, as well as cost-effective and function-optimised products, we can be a tangible difference for your profitability and competitiveness. Together with our sister company PlastTeknik, who are specialists in injection moulding, we can offer manufacturing of composite products through a contact. Simply, a total solution from one place.

Why Plastex 2

Competitive prices

Plastex always strives to remain competitive on price. Our thorough and probably quite unique methodology for achieving the best possible prices in each individual case is probably part of the explanation. We use a developed query process to ensure that your product is at the right price point on the basis of your requirements, in respect of everything from properties and functionality to design and service life. Cost-effectiveness through inquisitiveness, in other words. Outstanding development expertise, transport, streamlined recycling technology and highly efficient production are other factors supporting our competitiveness in all respects.

Why Plastex 3

Exceptional supply reliability

Does Plastex have the industry's best delivery precision? Much points to it. The reason can be traced to our geographical location in Norrland. Something that forced us to create efficient delivery and logistics solutions (with an average precision of more than 98). These include, for example, smart packaging in combination with customized order sizes and competitive, efficient transport contracts where each individual cargo space is utilized optimally. That our concept works is proven by our 40-year history, with customers all over the country and to some extent also on export.

Why Plastex 4

Highly efficient production

Focus on investments for ever-increasing capacity and quality-assuring technology. This is how Plastex’s fundamental production philosophy can be described. As a result, we now operate modern machinery offering high capacity and flexible lead times. That said, we also retain our expertise and have a low staff turnover. Our working method, where customer contact and production planning work closely together to ensure a high level of service and short lead times for our customers, is also characteristic. But that’s not all. If your part needs to be refined (punched, milled, welded, etc.), we can offer this as well. All with a view to simplifying your process with our expertise in a smart way.

Why Plastex 5

Secure relations

Could Plastex have grown so vigorously if we had not given priority to our customer relations? Certainly not. Our enormous commitment to our customers is part of our DNA and has permitted us to grow as strongly as we have. Our customers can expect us always to ask the right questions, always utilise our outstanding expertise, always think ahead in order to optimise everything from function to price. Essentially, we also have an in-depth understanding of what enterprise and entrepreneurship actually mean: we know we always have to supply clear competitive advantages, which may involve anything from saving time and reducing costs to enhancing quality. All with a view to making your life as easy and as profitable as possible.

Why Plastex 6

Systematic quality work

The right quality does not come by itself – this is something that sits deeply inculted in Plastex. Our quality work is characterized by ISO 9001:2015 (see certificate here) and LEAN. We simply have a zero tolerance to errors. Our long experience and external requirements such as the automotive industry (ISO/TS 16949) and other companies with specific quality requirements means that we also have good experience of working with high documentation requirements.

Why Plastex 7

Experienced R&D

Expertise with breadth and depth forms the basis for Plastex design and product solutions. Outstanding technical expertise among all our staff – sales, project management, design – allows us to get to the point quickly when new profiles are to be put into production. Our development department has a number of test lines and modern aids such as flow applications. Besides this, we also have experience of almost 1 500 different tools. All to reduce lead times from design to finished product.

Why Plastex 8

Cost-effective products

Plastex has developed almost 1 500 individual tools/profiles. Everything from small simple tubes to large and technologically advanced profiles. With this and our more than 40 years of experience in the industry, therefore, in the vast majority of cases, we can produce your product quickly and cost-effectively. With the help of smart solutions and materials, we can also often add product benefits such as better performance, longer life and a "multi-skills" that can replace several subcomponents.

Why Plastex 9

Action-oriented environmental responsibility

Our environmental responsibility involves always working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Plastex has been systematically working for a long time to minimize spills and recycle materials. Our ambition is to surpass laws and requirements, and as a result we also set our own environmental targets and guidelines. This is why we have made major investments in the recycling of both heat and water. We also work solely with fully phthalate-free plastic materials for soft PVC, by way of example.

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